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The Wellington Fire Brigade is a large group of volunteer fire safety professionals dedicated to fighting fires, preventing fires, and making fire safety a top priority. We have over 30 fire fighter volunteers at this time. We train our volunteers regularly using the best fire training videos available. We also have dedicated fire fighting resources in the form of trucks, machines, and other tools. We plan on using this website to discuss all fire safety issues.  Check back often as we will have lots of fire related information for you to browse through.

Why I Became A Volunteer Firefighter

My heroes were always firefighters. I would lie in my bed at night as a child and hear the alarm go off in my parent’s bedroom. My dad would jump out of bed and sleepily run down the stairs to rush to the fire hall next door. Many times I heard him crash through the screen door in his haste. I’d run to my window and watch as the other firefighters passed by my house to help someone in need. I felt proud that my dad was one of those willing to risk his life in service of others.

Many years passed before I joined my local fire company miles away from my hometown. As soon as I smelled the rubber from the fire truck tires and the odor of smoke from the hoses, I knew I was making the right decision. However, much had changed since the days of my father’s firefighting time. Everything from equipment to training was more advanced and one could no longer jump on a fire engine and race to an alarm.

One of the first things I learned was how to protect myself. I had to know how to put on the bunker gear and strap on an air pack. I was told that I am not there to become a victim; that would take away from the efforts of other firefighters to handle the situation we were called to control to stop and help me.

Learning how to work hose lines and operate the engines and trucks took time. The fire chief would have to slow me down at times and control my enthusiasm, but never once did it detract from my determination to be the best firefighter I could be.

Car accidents could be particularly gruesome and learning how to control my emotions became paramount so I could perform the tasks necessary to extricate victims. My fellow firefighters would kid me about how calm I would sound over the radio once I became an officer; some would say I sounded like I was falling asleep. This was done on purpose, because my emotions would affect the firefighters I was directing. If I sounded and acted overly excited, I knew that would raise the tension levels of others and this would affect the way they carried out their duties.

Soon after joining I became an Emergency Medical Technician. Practicing CPR on a dummy is much different than performing it on a person, but when that first call happened I didn’t hesitate to drop to my knees and start compressing a chest. Over the years I have been involved in saving 11 lives and several were those I performed CPR on either alone or with a team. One save was my father who was trapped in a burning car and seconds away from perishing.

There are dangers that one accepts when fighting fires. I have been in a couple of close calls that made me rethink my decision for a couple of minutes, but then I would gather with my buddies, male and female, and realize I was allowed to be part of a special group of people who added great value to my life.

My father told me once that what he loved the best was that when the alarm went off it didn’t matter who was in trouble. They could be black or white, male or female, gay or straight; it just didn’t matter. We were there to help anyone in need without prejudice or qualification. He called it a true calling until the day he died.

I have remained proud that I was able to join my heroes in assisting people when they needed help the most. Being a firefighter is all about giving and being grateful I had the ability and training to make a positive difference in my community.

How To Become A Firefighter

Many children say that they want to be a firefighter when they grow up, those who are considering this as they get older may not be sure what they are need to do to accomplish this goal. There are several steps to take for those who want to become a firefighter, and that can bring people closer to their dreams. Those who are wanting to become a firefighter will need to make sure that they have a valid driver’s license and no criminal record. Many people debate over the best thing that people should do to best become a firefighter, but these are the basic steps that they should take.

They will also need to put in an application, and get some more certifications as they work through this process. States also have different ages that they require people to be before they can apply. In most states applicants must be at least 18, but there are some states that have a requirement of 21. Also, most of these states have a minimum requirement that their applicants have at least a high school diploma or GED. So this is something that those who want to get started in this career can do right after they get out of high school.

After getting farther into the process, people can work to get their candidate physical ability test card, proving that they are physically fit enough to do this job. Also, they will need to go out and get certified as an emergency medical technician, which will ensure that they can perform some life saving procedures while they are out on the job. There are also firefighter 1 and 2 certifications, which people will be able to get as they are continuing on the path to becoming a firefighter. At some point, many of these professionals will become certified as paramedics as well. Which of these certifications are going to be needed varies from state to state, and those who want to know more will be able to apply and ask.

In other cases, people may need to get a college degree. Each fire department can establishment their own requirements for the people that they hire, and many of them end up wanting their candidates to be a little bit more educated. Some may have to get certified as a life guard, and those who are applying will be able to see the requirements that each fire department needs. In certain areas of the country, people want these firefighters to speak two languages. That is something else that people can learn well they are college. Other will get trained to work around certain kinds of hazardous materials.

There are several different jobs at the fire department, and those who are considering getting into this field need to look into what is currently available. Those who don’t have the qualifications yet can look into a community college and make sure that they are working toward these goals. See what each state requires, and what each position requires.

Firefighter Nominated For Pride Of Australia Award

It was all in a days work, or to be more exact, it was all in his ride home. Australian firefighter Tony Mills was on his way home when he saw a large home fire. Being the man that he is, Tony sprang into action. Mr. Mills started banging on doors to see if any people were occupying the burning buildings. He heard several screams from inside one of the homes so he broke the glass and pulled out 2 children under the age of 18. The house did eventually burn to the ground so it is safe to say that those children’s lives were spared by Tony’s heroics.

Our Hearts Go Out To Arizona Fire Fighters Who Lost Their Lives

As many of you know there has been a large fire raging in Arizona for some time. Some of our brothers were lost during the fight. Nineteen hot shots were killed when the fire just ran them over. Currently there are almost 600 fire fighters working on the blaze that is near Prescott Arizona. There was one survivor who stated that he saw the wildfire change direction and headed straight for their crew. The wildfire occurred in an area of very rocky and mountainous terrain. The workers did try and retreat to foil shelters but were quickly overcome by the raging blaze. So many families were affected by this tragedy and it is sad news indeed. The fire is currently burning itself out but not before too many died in this unfortunate situation. Several fundraisers for popped up for the fallen brothers families and we will update the information here as soon as more is known.